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Vassilis Milionis Explains that Real Estate Stocks Still Looking for Its Momentum During the Epidemic

Vassilis Milionis explains that real estate stocks rebound during the epidemic. Investors need to be more creative to survive.

Vassilis Milionis, a professional property investor from Greek states that real estate stocks rebound. The main reason for the condition is because of the COVID recovery. Investors see a long-term economic prospect due to its recovery. People will start to think about having a new house for their beloved family. Vassilis Milionis explained, “The epidemic hits all sectors significantly. Slowly but sure we can handle the condition. It triggers people to go outside or look for something they need, including a house for sale. They can find the information online before meeting the property agency. On the other hand, property agencies offer interesting deals for their potential clients. Indeed, clients can’t refuse the offer. It is a great opportunity for them to get a better living place at an affordable price.”

The condition is not too good for the property and hospitality industries, but it is going better and better. The recent data shows that the revenue of property agencies rose. One of the property companies earns up to 28% of revenue than before. It can be because of the new remote work options. This condition increases sales of up to 2 million buyers as long as the sellers or renters give an affordable price to their potential clients. Mr. Vasilis Milionis added, “Investors can also invest their money on the property now. They can buy a second or used house. They can wait for the right time to sell it back. This simple trick gives investors great revenue.”

The challenging part of investing in the property sector is tight competition. The competition forces property agencies to sell their real estate with a low-interest rate, but still at the low prospect of returns. There is no option for the agencies except doing it to save their business. Fortunately, some agencies do something more creative to keep the price and get a higher prospect of returns. It is based on the data that home sales increase by 25%. This percentage is higher than in the previous period.

Mr. Vassilis Milionis stated, “We need to be more creative due to the condition. Property agencies should find an effective way to attract more potential clients to come and buy a house. It is hard and challenging, but the result is worth it. The property market indeed becomes more volatile today. We have to analyze deeply before taking action. Just make sure that it gives a great impact on the business. If it is not, leave it and find others.”

About Vassilis Milionis:
Vassilis Milionis is a property investor. He develops a company that focuses on building luxury hotels, houses, and villages. He is also a professional entrepreneur who runs several businesses.

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Investing Real Estate Stocks During Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak managed to bring significant changes in many various industries, including the real estate industry. 

Vassilis Milionis, an entrepreneur and property investor from Greek, states that the real estate stock currently has a different status. It cannot be denied that this current situation is influencing the stock in the real estate market. This can be seen quite clearly on several of the top stock changes. For instance, the Real Estate Investment Trust of Pebblebrook Hotels significantly rose close to 20 percent on June 5th. Park Hotels & Resorts rose around 19 percent. Though the number of real estate stocks shows a promising increase, the number declines from the expectation in the end due to the global pandemic.

The most asked question for example, is it the right time to invest in the real estate stock right now? Properties and real estate are high-value investment assets. They are still considered as one of the best investment options. According to Vasilis Milionis, the real estate stock is still there. It only needs a significant pointer or simple push in order to increase transactions. The production of the coronavirus vaccine is expected to bring the market buying strength back. The future and people’s trust in the real estate industry will boost as well. So, transactions in the real estate stock will be normalized.

For those who are interested in investing in real estate or properties, the Greek property investor advises not to hesitate. The mortgage rate currently has been lowered with the 2-year fixed rates. Moreover, there is a great chance that the rates can drop even lower. There was also a surprising positive increase in the stock market on March 24th, 2020. It was because the Federal Reserve began to print money at that time. So, it is a good opportunity to invest in the real estate stock or property sector.

Homeowners can also make a decision to put their properties on sale. Though the property price is currently falling, Vassilis Milionis mentions that it will not last long. The real estate market even shows increasing sales even during this pandemic. It is because the new normal phase has been started where people are allowed to go back to work. People are also still aware of having a comfy living place for their family. The Greek property expert believes that the value of the real estate stock will be back to normal.

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The Improvement of Real Estate Business During Pandemic

Vasillis Milionis, a property investor and entrepreneur from Greece, explains the real estate market’s current condition during the global pandemic that has been affecting the whole world for almost a year now.

It is such important information so that other investors from other countries can get a new insight. So, they will be able to decide whether they should invest in real estate or not. According to the Greek property investor, almost all sectors, including the real estate sector, have been facing uncertain situations for several months. This indeed brings a significant impact on real estate investment.

Though the real estate market is also negatively affected by the global pandemic, this does not mean that investors should stop investing in real estate and property. The Greek property investor states that the condition in the real estate market is a little bit better. He mentions that real estate sales have risen by 21 percent after the pre-covid phase. The price of houses is even higher than before. One of the reasons for making it possible is that many governments of several countries have applied the new normal condition. People are now allowed to do their activities with strict health protocols.

At the same time, quite many real estate agencies offer special offerings, such as low-interest rates that are purposed to increase sales. The interesting thing is that real estate agencies can get income even quicker because they can sell more pricey houses. Mr. Milionis states that property sales are surprisingly big and fast during this difficult time due to the pandemic. It seems that people do not hold themselves when it comes to low mortgage rates. After all, people still need to find a comfortable living place for themselves and their family, despite global finance’s poor condition.

Vasilis Milionis suggests property agencies use a 3D campaign model in order to promote their properties. This way, clients will be able to see and explore the condition of the property virtually. It can help to increase sales and safe investors at the same time. The Greek entrepreneur encourages people to be creative and optimistic to keep the businesses running during this difficult time. Moreover, property agencies should be able to find effective tricks to keep the real estate sector running. This way, the economy of the country as a whole can survive during the pandemic.

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How Global Finance Declined During the Pandemic

The coronavirus has been negatively affecting the whole world for almost a year now since its outbreak in December 2019.

Nearly all countries get the negative effects of this global pandemic. Almost all businesses all around the world are also falling and failing. This condition negatively affects global finance and creates chaos within the world’s economy. This messy economic situation due to the pandemic gets the attention of Vassilis Milionis. For those who do not know yet, Milionis is a famous Greek property investor and entrepreneur. As an investor, he is also concerned about how the coronavirus negatively affects global finance’s sustainability.

As we know, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the world is currently facing a decline in economic growth this year. The economic growth decreases from 2.9 percent to 2.4 percent. The number seems small, but it is totally impactful to global finance. Many countries around the world began to experience economic failure because production activities have been extremely decreasing. It is because people are forced to do social distancing in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. With a number of restrictions that many countries make, it is hard to do production activities. Materials cannot be obtained, and employees cannot go to work and many other things that prevent companies from producing their products.

According to Vasilis Milionis, global finance is indeed slowing down. However, governments will consider this unfortunate condition. So, he encourages people to keep optimistic. Hopefully, the government of affected countries can make policies to help companies survive during this hard time. Businessmen should not stop their businesses. Because the economy of their countries also depends on the sustainability of the businesses. So, governments and companies should support each other to save the economy. Not only to be optimistic, the Greek entrepreneur also suggests people to be wise as well.

Mr. Milionis confesses that his works and projects are also affected by the global pandemic since he works in the tourism sector too. But he mentions that businesses do not only pursue profits but also contribute and support the surrounding community as well as the needy. This way, the contribution of sustainable entrepreneurs can drive and help the economy of the lower classes. We all know that global finance is recently declining. So, the Greek entrepreneur suggests the government and businessmen to support each other to save global finance.


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The Best Investment in Southeast Europe Today

Investment is essential when it comes to family finance management. It is also essential to prepare your future or prepare your finances when something unexpected happens, such as this pandemic. As you know, many people have lost their jobs due to this global pandemic. By investing, you are still able to secure your family finance. Not only in your own country, but you can also make an investment in other countries across the globe, such as Southeast Europe. According to Vassilis Milionis, we should not miss property investment or real estate investment when it comes to the best investment.

Property or real estate is one of the most well-known investment products. As lands are getting more and more limited, especially in big cities, investing in properties or real estate can be truly beneficial and profitable. Property investment expects two sources of profits—first, the increase in property prices. Since a residence is included as one of the primary needs, people must really need it. This is why property prices will most likely increase from time to time. Or, you can also rent out your property, and you will be able to have regular additional income from the rental cost.

People only know the benefits of property investment and real estate investment. The risks of such an investment are rarely discussed. In fact, just like any other thing, investing in real estate or property indeed has risks. For example, the building process is slower than the timing target. Moreover, property prices do not always increase. Property prices are currently decreasing because of global pandemic. However, do not hesitate to invest in property. Because Vasilis Milionis states that the foreign investments might expand by 2023. The Greek property investor said so with reason. Some governments have performed some economic initiatives, such as easier access to funding and tax incentives.

If you are truly interested in property investment, you might want to consider investing in Mr Vassilis Milionis’ latest property project, which is called Filia Estate. Filia Estate is a luxury tourism property project that is worth 16 million euros. The project focuses on building a 5-starred luxury hotel with complete facilities, including shops, gardens with big olive groves, a club for kids, dining areas, a wellness center, sports facilities, and many more. Filia Estate also involves in the development of the Holiday Apartment in Greece. The apartment consists of 127 residences. Are you interested in investing?

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Vassilis Milionis Explains the Improvement on Real Estate Sector after the Pre-COVID Pace

Vassilis Milionis explains that the real estate market starts to increase after the pre-COVID pace.

Vassilis Milionis, a property investor from Greek, explains the real estate market condition during the epidemic. This is important information, so investors get a new insight into whether they have to invest in the real estate sector or not. Vassilis Milionis explained, “We are facing uncertain conditions for a few months. It gives a significant impact on real estate investment. The most important thing is that it doesn’t mean that we have to stop investing in the property sector. The condition is a little bit better. The real estate sales rose by 21% after the pre-COVID pace. The home price is even higher than before.” 

One of the reasons is because of the new normal condition. People can go outside with a tight protocol. At the same time, real estate agencies give special deals such as low-interest rates to boost sales. The interesting part is that real estate agencies get income even faster because they can sell more expensive houses. The agencies can sell houses in Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco. Mr. Vasilis Milionis stated, “Amazingly the property sale is quick and huge during the epidemic. It seems that people can’t hesitate about the low mortgage rates. People also need to find a comfortable living place for their family. It drives them to find a new house.” 

Property agencies should find an effective and low-cost trick to keep running the business. One of the effective and low-cost ways to boost property sales is by using virtual trading. Agencies can build a professional website and post the complete information about their properties there. They can start to promote it and let people who need a new house see it. This is an effective way because the agencies and clients don’t have to meet face to face intensively. They only meet face to face when there is a deal.

Mr. Vasilis Milionis added, “Agencies can use a 3D campaign model to promote their properties. Clients have a new experience by exploring the property virtually. It boosts sales as well as safe the investors. We only have to be more creative to keep our business running in this epidemic condition. Sometimes, a new condition forces us to scale up our business.” It hopes that the global condition is getting better. A better condition will drive economic conditions better, so people get their job back. As a result, they can think about having a comfortable house for their beloved family.



About Vassilis Milionis:

Vassilis Milionis is a Greek property investor. He has a company known as Filia Estate LTD. The company develops luxury real estate and hotels.

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Vassilis Milionis Explains the Chance of Global Recession in 2020

Vassilis Milionis predicts that the global recession will happen in 2020. Investors have to be ready to keep their money safe.

Vassilis Milionis, one of the successful entrepreneurs from Greek, predicts the global recession in 2020. The idea of this prediction is to help investors to get trusted information. The information about global finance leads them to make a wise investment decision. They can decide whether they have to invest or not. They can also choose the best sectors to invest in if they can do it. Vassilis Milionis explained, “2020 is a hard year for people around the world, including business owners and investors. Too bad, so many businesses have to fail into bankruptcy. Economic across the globe is also falling. Everything is because of the global epidemic.”

The global recession is closing to reality due to the bad condition. A lot of employees lose their jobs. As a result, they have difficulty paying their debts. Based on the condition, it seems that the global recession will happen next year. This recession hits hospitality sectors such as hotels, villas, and apartments. Mr. Vasilis Milionis explained, “We can’t doubt that the economic condition is bad this year. Travel warnings from many countries take down the economy significantly. People are not allowed to travel abroad temporarily. Indeed, it gives a significant impact on the hospitality sectors. If no one reserves the rooms, there will be no income.”

The central banks’ help gives a great solution for business owners to develop their business back, although they can’t bring the business into a normal condition. Central banks have delivered trillions of dollars of liquidity, and it pumps the global economy. Indeed, there is still an alternative to reduce losses in this global recession. Mr. Vasilis Milionis stated, “Indeed, it doesn’t mean that we have to give up because of the condition. We still have to find an opportunity in this difficulty. One of the alternatives investors can do is moving their money away from stocks. They can invest in different types of investment instruments such as metals. This simple trick can keep the value of the money. Investors can move it back into stocks or other investment instruments when the condition is getting better.”

Mr. Milionis wants to say through his prediction that investors have to be ready in any condition. The most important thing is that they know how to keep their investment safe, especially in a bad economic condition. As a result, they can still get profit from their investment and not lose all the money.

About Vassilis Milionis:
Vassilis Milionis is a professional entrepreneur from Greek. He is also a property investor. He invests his money on a Filla Estate Development LTD. It focuses on developing luxury real estate.

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