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Vassilis Milionis Explained The Most Profitable Investment Opportunity in Greece for Foreigner

Bank of Greece announced all the financial institutions in the country on implementing electronic identification for their clientele. Foreign investors can shortly open their bank accounts without their presence in Greece.

On June 2, 2020, The Bank of Greece notified all the financial institutions in the country on implementing electronic identification for their clientele. This means that an overseas investor can open their bank accounts without their presence in Greece in the near future. According to Vassilis Milionis, it’s good news, as the Greek government is facilitating foreign investors in pursuing their investment activities with ease and convenience during times of difficulties.

Vasilis Milionis, a Greek businessman, and entrepreneur stated, “ Greece is one of the countries that allows foreigners to invest their money with ease and convenience.” He added, there are some profitable industries in Greece that overseas foreigners can invest in. They include tourism, energy, food & beverage, export-oriented manufacturing, and logistics. But there are some mandatory rules that must be obeyed. One of them is by buying Greek properties. Having a property in Greek is a tool to enter the Golden Visa residency-by-investment Programme. It allows non-EU nationals and their family members to obtain permanent residence permits in Greece.

Vasilis Milionis advises boosting profit when investing in Greece, especially Athens. “To boost profit when investing in Greece, investors can invest in commercial properties. Other ways are Buy a non renovated flat in Athens, Buy property in up-and-coming areas in Central Athens, and Set up a business instead of buying property,” said Vasilis Milionis, a property investor. Milionis explained that those ways are intended to get a Golden Visa for foreigners to ease their business in Greece. Even though the property is the popular route towards permanent residency, there are other ways to get permanent residency. One can set up a business with total investment exceeding 250.000€, and they are eligible to get permanent residency. The business can be in sectors that include energy, logistics, tourism, and many more.

About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur and property investor. His interest in property and investment encouraged him to establish Filia Investments LTD, a company that focuses on property and tourism investment. Filia Investments LTD is involved in the 5 Star Hotel and Holiday Apartments worth 16 million euros. As a successful businessman, Mr. Vassilis Milionis also encourages people to be smart when it comes to investing.





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Vassilis Milionis Advised Stock Market Strategies For New Investor

Investing in the stock market promises a chance to grow money gradually. Vassilis Milionis, a Greek stock market investor, gives his best advice for beginners.

Investing in stocks is an excellent way to grow wealth. As the stock market promises high yield return, the stock market investors must be aware of the unpredictable market move. The stock market tends to increase in value, by way of the price of each share going up and down every day. But, the investors can also lose all of their money if they can’t manage the trading well. Vassilis Milionis, a property and stock market investor, advised to buy a small number of shares for first time traders and buy shares at an appropriate moment.

Stocks are a good long-term investment, even during periods of market volatility. If a stock market turns down, it simply means that many stocks are on sale, and it’s a good time to buy. According to Vasilis Milionis, time to buy shares is the most essential thing investors can consider. As good companies announce their profits (earnings report), the shares’ prices tend to increase prior announcements are made. Hence, the investors should watch out during this period and hold to purchase shares at this moment. Moreover, it is important to look forward to the right’ Market Timing’ for trading in shares.

New investors should also follow some good resources for the current stock market. “Some good resources for new investors before they invest their money in the stock market. They include Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and Bloomberg,” as stated by Vasilis Milionis, a property investor. Millionis also advises investors to evaluate their capital strength and tolerance limitations prior to investing in a business. Millionis also encourage new investors to consider managing the risk well. He suggested moving out of a stock when they have achieved maximum returns from stocks, not to wait until the stock price turned back. When the price goes back, it will lose all gains.

About Vassilis Milionis

Vassilis Milionis is a well-known Greek property investor. One of his achievements is Filia Investments LTD that focuses on property and investment. Filia Estate works together with Dimand and Ethniki Pangaea to finish two large tourism complex projects. With many years of experience investing in the stock market, he encourages people to invest in stock market investments with proper strategies and wisely. Although the stock market promises high yield, he also suggested investing in other instruments such as gold, indexes, and bonds.



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Vassilis Milionis Predicts on Greece Market Post COVID 19

Even Though Greece’s economy is expected to be hit severely by the Covid-19 pandemic, Vassilis Milionis predict the export sector might expand, and foreign investments doubled by 2023.

Vassilis Milionis, a Greek property investor, and entrepreneur predicts that the export sector and foreign investments might expand by 2023. According to the government, the Greece government has performed some economic initiatives in Greece from tax incentives, easier access to funding, and digitization. Those economic initiatives could be linked to issues in the export sector. As said by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, about the economic target of the country “The current ratio of exports in GDP must rise from the current 38 pct to the European average of 48 pct by the end of four years and the ratio of industrial production rise from the current 9.5 pct to 12 pct, along with the doubling of foreign investments by 2023”.

Vasilis Milionis, the Greek entrepreneur, stated that if the government target is reached, then Greek exports also increase in sectors beyond petroleum and tourism. Also, sectors like quality wines, new technologies, and the creative industry are predicted also increased. Milionis added currently, the Greek economy is facing some essential challenges. They relate to the widening of its production base by utilizing investment in the industrial sector, a more favorable tax framework, and the introduction of special programs to strengthen dynamic and export-oriented sectors. Greece also needs to plan and implement digital technology initiatives, and facilitate access of private corporations to funding, in order to increase the country’s economy.

According to Milionis, in the tourism and property sector, as the global COVID-19 pandemic lockdown begins to lift gradually as well as in Greece, the real estate market, especially on the popular tourist destination, such as Mykonos is awaiting the return of foreign buyers. Mykonos is one of the most renowned Greek islands. The island is an international travel destination that brings buyers and tourists from around the world. It offers beautiful nature, amazing beaches, picturesque villages, a chic lifestyle, and delicious Greek food.

“Greek tourism and real estate sectors began to rise up as the lockdown gradually lifted. The greek market will also increase as the global investors start to invest their money in real estate and tourism sectors in Greece:”, said Vasilis Milionis.

About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is the owner of Filia Investments LTD. The company works on several projects and is worth more than 16 million euros. One of them is a 5-star hotel and holiday apartment with all-inclusive facilities.


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Vassilis Milionis tips on How to Sell in Second-home Markets

A Greece entrepreneur, Vassilis Milionis, sharing his tips on how to sell in second-home markets. Vassilis also owns Filia Investments LTD. The company makes investments in a 5-star hotel in Crete, Greece.

Greek Investor and serial entrepreneur Vassilis Milionis, started to invest in a 5-star hotel as his long term investment options. The Filia Estate, a 5-star hotel and holiday apartment, becomes the new luxury tourism project worth around 16 million euros. Vassilis Milionis states he wants to build a luxurious hotel with complete facilities that will attract a lot of people and enhance the country’s tourism sector. He said that his 5-star hotel and holiday apartment is equipped with complete facilities. The facilities include gorgeous dining areas, sports facilities, a children’s club, a wellness center, shops, and beautiful gardens that have large olive groves.

Before making an investment in a big project, Vasilis Milionis has been in the real estate business for many years. He has some advice that people can follow. Although investors should consider the risks well., real estate is another good investment sector. Demand for real estate, especially second luxury homes in Greece, indicates an increase in demand. Although during the recent COVID-19 outbreak, there are unprecedented spikes in activity. According to data qualified leads were up 145% in April and 55% in May compared to last year.

Vasilis Milionis advises to make a second home sale, one must consider knowing their market, whether they are luxurious home buyers, residential buyers, or commercial buyers. Some property marketplaces are also useful to market or promote the second-home asset. When marketing the property, Milionis advises creating catchy headlines to attract customers and complete the property description. The pictures of the property also have an important role in making a property deal. The property seller can add up to 4 to 6 pictures of the property to attract more potential buyers. Milionis also advises promoting to the local marketplace for better impressions.

“Listing your property on travel and lifestyle publication also attracts customers, especially those interested in a luxury property,” said Milionis.

About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is an entrepreneur from Greece. His interest in investing and real estate have made him successful in those sectors. He currently invests in some property projects and tourism, such as 5-star luxury hotel projects and some tourism projects. He also encourages people to invest in profitable stocks and gold.

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Normal Real Estate Stock Situation Just Near the Corner

Pandemic brings great changes in many aspects, including the real estate industry. Vassilis Milionis stated that the real estate stock has a different status. The situations are affecting the stock in the real estate market, which can be seen quite clearly on some of the top stock changes. For example, the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) of Pebblebrook Hotels (NYSE: PEB) is increasing significantly close to 20% on June 5. Park Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: PK) is also the same as around a 19% increase. 

Even though the stock shows a promising increase, in the end, because of COVID-19, the number decreases from the expectation. The expert predicted it would be 20% of the unemployment rate. However, it came up only at 13.3%. Even though people see it as a good thing, it is not that good, in reality. The number doesn’t fall lower than the early projection. However, 13.3% is still bad. This number of people who got lost in this industry shows something wrong, and it has some effect on the real estate stock and market.

The question is, is it a good time to invest in real estate stock? As a high-value investment asset, the property is still seen as one of the good investment choices. According to Mr. Milionis, the stock is still there. And, there are a lot of them. It only needs a simple push or a significant pointer that can boost the transaction.

The COVID-19 vaccine or the flat or lower infection rate is one of them. It will bring the market buying strength back. People’s trust in this industry and its future will also increase. Thus, the transaction on the market will also be revived or the best way to say it is normalized.

As for homeowners or people who are interested in investing, this real estate expert advice not to hesitate. Today, the mortgage rate has been lowered with the 2-year fixed rates. Furthermore, the rates have a great chance to drop even lower. So, it is a good chance to invest.

It does look bad for the homeowner who is going to sell their house. However, Vasilis Milionis said that the falling price of the property wouldn’t last long. Historically, the value of the property will return to normal and even increase in the future. Once the market moves, people will also see the true value of this investment.

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Vassilis Milionis Describes the Opportunity to Invest in Southeast Europe

Vassilis Milionis explains that Southeast Europe is a good region for Investment. It shows higher economic growth than other regions.

Vassilis Milionis, a prominent Greek entrepreneur, explains the best Investment in Southeast Europe or SEE6. Despite the uncertain global environment condition, Southeast Europe still has a potential place for Investment. The exports from SEE6 countries show a small growth with only 1.9%. This percentage is less than last year in which the export growth reached up to 2%. The small economic growth has a strong relationship with the condition of the countries in Europe. Greece has to struggle with the crisis, Italian banks pressure, and political tensions in Turkey attack the economic condition in Southeast Europe.

According to Vasilis Milionis, “We all understand the uncertain condition in Europe and SEE6 countries. Despite it, there are still good opportunities in Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. Those countries showed economic growth of up to 2.2% in 2015 and 2.7% in 2016. One of the main causes is the improvements in labor markets and higher public wages and transfers.” Investors can concentrate on the private sector.

Investment is not only good to get benefits but also boosts economic growth and the labor market.

Vasilis Milionis explained, “Investors should also consider the risks of investing in the SEE6 countries. One of the primary things that will have a significant impact on Investment is the new political cycle. Moreover, they also have to check the latest conditions of that country. Those countries have their issues, including high unemployment, weak business and government environment, bad public services, and uncertain global integration.” Investors should be selective in choosing the best countries in Southeast Europe for Investment. Small research will limit the risks and increase the benefits. Investors should also check the potential private sectors that boost the investment result. Vasilis Milionis described, “Investment in the engineering sector is a good idea. There are up to 200 new engineering companies launched in June 2019. Another great private sector for Investment is financial service. There are also new financial services that look promising launched in October 2019. Investors also have a great chance to invest their money in life sciences and creative industries.”

Southeast Europe can be said as the best small region to invest in the future. Milionis added, “Speaking about a specific region, it seems that Crete is also a potential region for investment this year and the next couple of years.” Southeast will have a bright future for Investment due to the significant economic growth despite the small size.         

About Vassilis Millionis:

Vassilis Milionis is one of the most successful Greek entrepreneurs. He runs a company known as Filia Investments LTD. It works on several projects and worth over 16 million euros. The projects focus on 5-star hotel and holiday apartment development projects and many others.  


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Vassilis Millionis: Sectors that Regain and Ready for Investment

Vassilis Milionis describes sectors that start to regain this year. Investors should look at those sectors.

Vassilis Milionis, the owner of the trusted investment company in Greek, describes the global finance condition. The uncertain global condition affects the global financial condition. Investors should be wise and careful in spending their money on an investment. Despite the global condition, some sectors try to regain. The U.S. stocks begin to recover slowly after the virus attack in March. Investors need extra effort to find the best markets and get new opportunities.

Vassilis Millionis stated, “Asia has a good prospect for investment. Some countries, excluding Japan, may show positive equities earnings growth this year. Most Asian investors also said that they were optimistic about starting the investment.” One of the reasons that make Asian investors optimistic is the outperform of the Asian currencies against the U.S. dollar. This condition may happen for the next 18 up to 24 months. Vasilis Milionis explained, “This is also a good start to find the best markets for investing in Asia. Singapore’s Straits Times Index is one of the best markets. It has a good track record and experiences to defend its investors for many obstacles, including epidemics. South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China also have a good prospect for investment this year.”

Investors should consider two main sectors, which are bonds and real estate. Bonds are a good investment in Asia since the government’s fiscal response to the epidemic. Real estate is another good investment sector, although investors should consider the risks well. The impact of the epidemic attacks all sectors. Some countries, including Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, and Russia, will win the commodities market. Investors have to consider the political and economic risks in the countries before investing their money.

According to Vassilis Milionis, “Investors may check some potential commodities. They can start to think about investing money in companies or sectors that focus on copper, crude petroleum, coke briquette, and crude oil. On the other hand, investing in sovereign debt is not a good option this year.” Gold mining stocks can be a good investment option, although it has been declined by over 30% for the past ten years. In contrast, the price of gold increases by more than 40%.

The most important thing to consider is that gold mining stocks often rely on global political and economic conditions. The price increases significantly during the uncertainty of political and economic conditions. According to Milionis, “It is better to hold cash and wait for the overall market condition. Investors who want to invest may consider gold mining stocks.”

About Vassilis Milionis:

Vassilis Milionis is the CEO of Filia Investment LTD. It covers several prestigious projects. The projects include 5-star hotel and holiday apartment development, luxury tourism properties, tourist complex, tourist village, and many others.       

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