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Stock Market Raise Encourages Greek Entrepreneur Vassilis Milionis to Invest in the Property Sector

Vassilis Milionis, a Greek entrepreneur, and businessman, invested in the property sector because of the rise of the stock market amidst coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak managed to affect a lot of sectors, including the real estate sector, said Vassilis Milionis. Currently, the real estate market is hit pretty hard by this awful pandemic. Several real estate sectors are hit the most, such as restaurants, hotels, bars, and many other entertainment businesses that cannot go on because of the regulations that are made since the virus first appeared.

Other than these real estate sectors, retail, and housing, as well as luxury homes, are also negatively affected by the coronavirus. Vassilis Milionis, a Greek entrepreneur, and investor said that the effect of the virus will vary based on the type of sector and the duration of this pandemic. The economic slowdown effect will also vary in different countries.

One of the things that the coronavirus impacts is the stock market. A lot of stocks are failing because of the economic slowdown and failure that happened because of the virus. However, on Tuesday, 24th of March, 2020, there was a surprising positive change in the stock market.

The stock market increases because of one reason, which is that the Federal Reserve started printing money during that time. That is why Mr. Milionis made a quick decision to make investments in the property sector.

There are several positive changes that the stock market saw on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Index gained 11.4%, which is around 2,113 points. The FTSE also posted its highest gain of 452 points. It gained a rose of 9%. Because of this rise, the Asia market also gained a lot overnight. Hang Seng in Hong Kong gained 4.46% higher. The Australian market also rose by 4.17%. Overall, great changes are happening in the stock market. Because of this, Vassilis Milionis advises a lot of investors to be in position while all of this is happening. Mr. Vassilis Milionis advises people to get ready because he believes the stocks will move up with the help of the government stimulus that is used to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“Investors should invest their money when the markets in global finance are beginning to increase”, said Vassilis Milionis. He also said that people should be optimistic about their businesses during this coronavirus pandemic. The government stimulus that follows the coronavirus pandemic will help businesses all over the world to keep surviving. That is why he encourages people to be wise and optimistic at the same time.

About Vassilis Milionis

Vassilis Milionis is a Greek businessman, property investor, and entrepreneur. He has interests in luxury tourism with his latest project in Crete, Greece. He believed investors should be ready and get into position as the stock market continues to rise with the help of the government stimulus. Vasilis Milionis encourages investors to follow this positive trend.


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Vassilis Milionis Explains that Real Estate Stocks Still Looking for Its Momentum During the Epidemic

Vassilis Milionis explains that real estate stocks rebound during the epidemic. Investors need to be more creative to survive.

Vassilis Milionis, a professional property investor from Greek states that real estate stocks rebound. The main reason for the condition is because of the COVID recovery. Investors see a long-term economic prospect due to its recovery. People will start to think about having a new house for their beloved family. Vassilis Milionis explained, “The epidemic hits all sectors significantly. Slowly but sure we can handle the condition. It triggers people to go outside or look for something they need, including a house for sale. They can find the information online before meeting the property agency. On the other hand, property agencies offer interesting deals for their potential clients. Indeed, clients can’t refuse the offer. It is a great opportunity for them to get a better living place at an affordable price.”

The condition is not too good for the property and hospitality industries, but it is going better and better. The recent data shows that the revenue of property agencies rose. One of the property companies earns up to 28% of revenue than before. It can be because of the new remote work options. This condition increases sales of up to 2 million buyers as long as the sellers or renters give an affordable price to their potential clients. Mr. Vasilis Milionis added, “Investors can also invest their money on the property now. They can buy a second or used house. They can wait for the right time to sell it back. This simple trick gives investors great revenue.”

The challenging part of investing in the property sector is tight competition. The competition forces property agencies to sell their real estate with a low-interest rate, but still at the low prospect of returns. There is no option for the agencies except doing it to save their business. Fortunately, some agencies do something more creative to keep the price and get a higher prospect of returns. It is based on the data that home sales increase by 25%. This percentage is higher than in the previous period.

Mr. Vassilis Milionis stated, “We need to be more creative due to the condition. Property agencies should find an effective way to attract more potential clients to come and buy a house. It is hard and challenging, but the result is worth it. The property market indeed becomes more volatile today. We have to analyze deeply before taking action. Just make sure that it gives a great impact on the business. If it is not, leave it and find others.”

About Vassilis Milionis:
Vassilis Milionis is a property investor. He develops a company that focuses on building luxury hotels, houses, and villages. He is also a professional entrepreneur who runs several businesses.

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Vassilis Milionis Explains the Improvement on Real Estate Sector after the Pre-COVID Pace

Vassilis Milionis explains that the real estate market starts to increase after the pre-COVID pace.

Vassilis Milionis, a property investor from Greek, explains the real estate market condition during the epidemic. This is important information, so investors get a new insight into whether they have to invest in the real estate sector or not. Vassilis Milionis explained, “We are facing uncertain conditions for a few months. It gives a significant impact on real estate investment. The most important thing is that it doesn’t mean that we have to stop investing in the property sector. The condition is a little bit better. The real estate sales rose by 21% after the pre-COVID pace. The home price is even higher than before.” 

One of the reasons is because of the new normal condition. People can go outside with a tight protocol. At the same time, real estate agencies give special deals such as low-interest rates to boost sales. The interesting part is that real estate agencies get income even faster because they can sell more expensive houses. The agencies can sell houses in Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco. Mr. Vasilis Milionis stated, “Amazingly the property sale is quick and huge during the epidemic. It seems that people can’t hesitate about the low mortgage rates. People also need to find a comfortable living place for their family. It drives them to find a new house.” 

Property agencies should find an effective and low-cost trick to keep running the business. One of the effective and low-cost ways to boost property sales is by using virtual trading. Agencies can build a professional website and post the complete information about their properties there. They can start to promote it and let people who need a new house see it. This is an effective way because the agencies and clients don’t have to meet face to face intensively. They only meet face to face when there is a deal.

Mr. Vasilis Milionis added, “Agencies can use a 3D campaign model to promote their properties. Clients have a new experience by exploring the property virtually. It boosts sales as well as safe the investors. We only have to be more creative to keep our business running in this epidemic condition. Sometimes, a new condition forces us to scale up our business.” It hopes that the global condition is getting better. A better condition will drive economic conditions better, so people get their job back. As a result, they can think about having a comfortable house for their beloved family.



About Vassilis Milionis:

Vassilis Milionis is a Greek property investor. He has a company known as Filia Estate LTD. The company develops luxury real estate and hotels.

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Vassilis Milionis Explains the Chance of Global Recession in 2020

Vassilis Milionis predicts that the global recession will happen in 2020. Investors have to be ready to keep their money safe.

Vassilis Milionis, one of the successful entrepreneurs from Greek, predicts the global recession in 2020. The idea of this prediction is to help investors to get trusted information. The information about global finance leads them to make a wise investment decision. They can decide whether they have to invest or not. They can also choose the best sectors to invest in if they can do it. Vassilis Milionis explained, “2020 is a hard year for people around the world, including business owners and investors. Too bad, so many businesses have to fail into bankruptcy. Economic across the globe is also falling. Everything is because of the global epidemic.”

The global recession is closing to reality due to the bad condition. A lot of employees lose their jobs. As a result, they have difficulty paying their debts. Based on the condition, it seems that the global recession will happen next year. This recession hits hospitality sectors such as hotels, villas, and apartments. Mr. Vasilis Milionis explained, “We can’t doubt that the economic condition is bad this year. Travel warnings from many countries take down the economy significantly. People are not allowed to travel abroad temporarily. Indeed, it gives a significant impact on the hospitality sectors. If no one reserves the rooms, there will be no income.”

The central banks’ help gives a great solution for business owners to develop their business back, although they can’t bring the business into a normal condition. Central banks have delivered trillions of dollars of liquidity, and it pumps the global economy. Indeed, there is still an alternative to reduce losses in this global recession. Mr. Vasilis Milionis stated, “Indeed, it doesn’t mean that we have to give up because of the condition. We still have to find an opportunity in this difficulty. One of the alternatives investors can do is moving their money away from stocks. They can invest in different types of investment instruments such as metals. This simple trick can keep the value of the money. Investors can move it back into stocks or other investment instruments when the condition is getting better.”

Mr. Milionis wants to say through his prediction that investors have to be ready in any condition. The most important thing is that they know how to keep their investment safe, especially in a bad economic condition. As a result, they can still get profit from their investment and not lose all the money.

About Vassilis Milionis:
Vassilis Milionis is a professional entrepreneur from Greek. He is also a property investor. He invests his money on a Filla Estate Development LTD. It focuses on developing luxury real estate.

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Vassilis Milionis Explains the opportunity to Invest in Automotive, Agriculture, and Oil Sectors in Southeast Europe

Vassilis Milionis explains the best investment in southeast Europe. It is a great chance to invest in the automotive, agriculture, and oil sectors.

Vassilis Millionis, a Greek businessman and entrepreneur, explains the best investment in southeast Europe. Investment is one of the ways to manage and earn more money. There is also significant economic growth in some southeast European countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. Mr. Vassilis Milionis stated, “We have a difficult time nowadays due to the global epidemic. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that we can’t invest our money. We only have to choose the best country and sector before investing the money. It seems that investing money in the retailer and agriculture sectors is a good option. Consumption is rising nowadays. Most people have to stay at home. They need to buy primary products for supply. The data also shows that there is a significant improvement in the revenue of those two sectors.” 

Investors who love vehicles or automotive can also invest their money in this sector. This year becomes a good year for the automotive industry. The revenue rose to 13% than last year. Serbia is one of the countries that feel a positive impact on the automotive industry. Some automotive companies in Serbia generate up to 10% of foreign direct investment. Vasilis Milionis explained, “Automotive and agriculture industries generate bigger profit due to its important role for the countries. The companies employ thousands of employees in a variety of positions. The companies need skillful people like designers, engineers, sales, and many more. The activity grows the economy of the country.”

Newcomers companies are even choosing a bigger industry such as Oil and gas, electricity, transportation, and rubber. It shows that southeast European countries are still a potential place for investment. The most potential sectors are in the petroleum and merchandise, energy and environmental systems, renewable sources, and mobility. One of the startup oil and gas companies in the Slovenia event generates the second-highest growth. 

Vassilis Milionis added, “Oil and gas are a new business in southeast European countries such as Slovenia. Interestingly, it shows a great result. Investors earn profit from gasoline and diesel fuel. On the other hand, investors also need to think about investing in energy efficiency products. People start to think about using environmentally friendly gasoline now.” The thing that Mr. Millionis wants to say is that investors can start to invest as long as they understand the sectors well. Investors only have to understand the condition of the country. Investors can start to invest their money in southeast European countries with more stable revenue.

About Vassilis Milionis:

Vassilis Milionis is a business and entrepreneur from Greek. He develops a Filia Estate Development Investment company. The company grows bigger in China.         

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Vassilis Millionis and His View of Chances to Invest in the Region of Southeast Europe

For many years, countries in the area of Southeast Europe were considered the second class compared with their neighbors like the UK, France, Germany, and more. Their popularities are indeed still below
them. Besides, their political, social, and economic conditions are also under the shadows of other bigger countries.
However, it doesn’t mean that countries like Albania, Bulgari, Bosnia, Croatia, and others don’t have a chance to be developed in the future. Some of them even have big potentials including Serbia, Albania, and Montenegro. Investors should see it as big opportunities to grow their assets as well as help the countries to be generally developed.
Vassilis Millionis, a prominent Green entrepreneur, also brings insight of how good the future of the countries is. In his interview, he stated that despite the uncertain condition in Southeast Europe or SEE6, there are still chances in some countries. Albania, Montenegro, and Serbia successfully had economic growth up to 2.2% in 2015 and 2.7% in 2016. The number is averagely higher than other countries in the area that can only obtain less than around 1.9%.
However, although investing money and assets in the region of Southeast Europe is promising. Millionis added that there are some matters to think about to minimize risks. Political situations in these countries are not very stable. It is also the main reason why investors may feel doubtful to plant their assets there.
To solve the problem, checking the latest condition of the country is helpful to minimize the risks. Some issues that often blow up in Southeast Europe countries are around high unemployment, weak business management, bad public service, and the low level of trust in the government. The good news is that some countries currently manage to fix them all.
Another suggestion from Millionis is to focus on the private sectors. Countries with higher economic growth can make such an achievement because their private sectors are well-developed. They can manage their labor markets, public wages, and more. So, to begin your investment in Southeast Europe, you can start from those countries, said Millionis.
About Vassilis Millionis
Vassilis Millionis is a successful Greek entrepreneur. He is well-known with an investment company namely Filia Investments LTD. The company has worked on many projects and the net worth is more than 16 million Euros. Most of the company’s projects are around the areas of hotels and apartments. Currently, he focuses on researching Southeast Europe as a promising region for investment.

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Vassilis Millionis and His Insight of Global Finance during Pandemic

2020 has many surprises for the world. The biggest one is the Coronavirus pandemic that makes many countries suffer from economic problems. The condition forces them to do some extreme steps including lockdown and physical distancing. Of course, the effect is negative for the economic sector since many business areas cannot work normally.
Uniquely, the condition seems not to give so many impacts to Vassilis Milionis. Vassilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur who runs some projects with a total worth of more than 16 million Euros.
The projects were initially spreading around Greece with a specific program called the gold visa.
Millionis established a company, Filia Investment LTD that is involved in property projects including hotels and holiday apartments in famous places like Crete. Those properties are developed along with
facilities like shopping centers, restaurants, sports centers, parks, and more. Investment in the sector of high-class tourism is indeed his dream since many years ago. Moreover, he claimed that the sector is highly demanded as tourism is a part of the modern lifestyle.
But with the attack of Coronavirus, does Millionis’ business still survive? Surprisingly, it is yes. The entrepreneur seems to manage his company and business very well so that the damage is not felt too significantly. He suggests his fellow entrepreneurs still do efforts to survive even if the situation is getting worse.
Millionis stated that business and economy are fundamental in a country so that it is possible to stop it completely no matter how the condition is. More importantly, it is very important to be adaptive to the
chaotic situation. Bad effects are always there but they can be good opportunities also for businessmen to create and develop something new.
Additionally, Vasilis Millionis also mentioned that all people involved must still support the government’s economic policies. It is one of the keys to surviving in this global pandemic. Based on his
view, business is also not only a tool to gain profits. More importantly, it must also give a contribution to the surrounding community. So, when the economy declines, it is a job for entrepreneurs to help the country.
About Vassilis Millionis
Vassilis Millionis is a successful Greek entrepreneur. He is well-known with an investment company namely Filia Investments LTD. The company has worked on many projects and the net worth is more than 16 million Euros. Most of the company’s projects are around the areas of hotels, apartments, and fancy tourist facilities

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