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Investing Real Estate Stocks During Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak managed to bring significant changes in many various industries, including the real estate industry. 

Vassilis Milionis, an entrepreneur and property investor from Greek, states that the real estate stock currently has a different status. It cannot be denied that this current situation is influencing the stock in the real estate market. This can be seen quite clearly on several of the top stock changes. For instance, the Real Estate Investment Trust of Pebblebrook Hotels significantly rose close to 20 percent on June 5th. Park Hotels & Resorts rose around 19 percent. Though the number of real estate stocks shows a promising increase, the number declines from the expectation in the end due to the global pandemic.

The most asked question for example, is it the right time to invest in the real estate stock right now? Properties and real estate are high-value investment assets. They are still considered as one of the best investment options. According to Vasilis Milionis, the real estate stock is still there. It only needs a significant pointer or simple push in order to increase transactions. The production of the coronavirus vaccine is expected to bring the market buying strength back. The future and people’s trust in the real estate industry will boost as well. So, transactions in the real estate stock will be normalized.

For those who are interested in investing in real estate or properties, the Greek property investor advises not to hesitate. The mortgage rate currently has been lowered with the 2-year fixed rates. Moreover, there is a great chance that the rates can drop even lower. There was also a surprising positive increase in the stock market on March 24th, 2020. It was because the Federal Reserve began to print money at that time. So, it is a good opportunity to invest in the real estate stock or property sector.

Homeowners can also make a decision to put their properties on sale. Though the property price is currently falling, Vassilis Milionis mentions that it will not last long. The real estate market even shows increasing sales even during this pandemic. It is because the new normal phase has been started where people are allowed to go back to work. People are also still aware of having a comfy living place for their family. The Greek property expert believes that the value of the real estate stock will be back to normal.

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3 Safest REITs for Future Real Estate Stock Investment

The pandemic brought a clear effect to many things today, including real estate stock.

The pandemic brought a clear effect to many things today, including real estate stock. Vassilis Milionis, a property expert, said the real estate stock has a different situation and is very fluctuating today. This unstable condition even happened to the top company stocks. One of the best examples of this condition is the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) of Pebblebrook Hotels’ condition. Its stock value increased to almost 20 percent on June 5th. However, at the end of the month, the value falls significantly way below the expectation.

That condition makes anyone who plans to invest in real estate stock need to be extra careful when choosing the REITs they want to buy. However, Vasilis Milionis has three recommendations for the safest REIT now.

American Tower (NYSE: AMT)
The first one is the American Tower (NYSE: AMT). This is the largest REIT that has been released to the public for the real estate category. As its name implied, this REIT is dealing with the tower for communication purposes. Even though it has been released for a long time, it still has so many rooms to grow. Moreover, the new internet technology, the 5G technology, will be implemented soon. It will need the American Tower part to succeed in the plan.

Easterly Government Properties (NYSE: DEA)
This company shows significant movement to improve its business. One of them is its success in acquiring and redeveloping the FBI field office in Mobile, Alabama. The 76,112 square-foot fields have become one of the crown jewels of this company’s history. Furthermore, it also promises a lucrative dividend for its stockholder with $0.26 per share every quarter. This company stock also keeps in the high position with the highest peak at $29.70, and the lowest peak, earlier this month, was $21.43.

Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR)
IIPR has a unique work system, where it deals with lease and rent of facilities for medical-use marijuana production. With 63 properties in 16 states, this company has a better chance to survive in future competition. Furthermore, this company’s stock value also increases by 30% in November, which is a good sign that everyone who wants to invest needs to notice.

In Conclusion
The real estate market stocks could be falling. However, with those three REITs based on Milionis’s recommendation, they will become a good investment for the future. Moreover, they also have the lowest risk of financial problems as their service will be needed.


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Real Estate Market Trend Move to the Bigger One

The pandemic changes many things in today’s world. The real estate market is no exception. As said by Vassilis Milionis, this year will be challenging as well as promising years for real estate. One of the unique cases in the real estate market transformation is the micro-condo market because of the pandemic.

Micro-condo, a small and compact living place, which is usually built in the downtown area, once was marketed as the best solution for people who need a living place. People love this concept, and many were sold when it was introduced two years ago. The customers are mostly those who are single or students. The compactness of micro-condo allows them to get the freedom that they want. Even though the rent rate was quite high, there were always demands for this unique building concept.

However, the pandemic has changed people’s lifestyles. Many people lose their job, which means losing their income to pay for the freedom this small building offers. Currently, the situation is getting worse for this building category. Realtors and expert Vasilis Milionis agree that it is quite difficult to make a quota for the small condo category. A Realtor has a problem selling a building with a size of smaller than 500 square feet. Now, it crowded the real estate market.

So, here comes a question. Which property are people favorites today? According to the TRREB and Urbanization data, currently, people prefer to live in large spaces. Rather than following their ego to get the freedom, the market carefully chooses the property that could turn into the property with better value in the future. Therefore, the easy-to-use and compact size condo lose its attractiveness. It isn’t worth investing in. 

The real estate market condition shows that the building with 2,000 square foot size is more appealing for the buyers. Thus, it is not surprising when this large building type becomes the leader of today’s real estate market. Its supply keeps decreasing, thanks to the higher demand for this type of building.

Milionis sees this as the normal reaction due to a pandemic. People tend to save more money to prepare for the worse effect in the future if the pandemic doesn’t subside. He also said that people start to know how to invest in real estate. This is a good thing, as it will stimulate the market to wake up after receiving a quite hard blow from COVID 19.

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New Plan for Restoring Global Finance after Pandemic

The pandemic has affected many aspects of modern people’s life. Thus, it also showed the current global finance condition. According to Vassilis Milionis, this condition could be even worse if many countries don’t have enough preparation before the pandemic. However, the problem is still there and growing. For this reason, a financial organization, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a plan that could be a solution for the global finance problem.

The program focuses on supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help the company and individual rise from the slump thanks to the global pandemic effect. This program plan was presented at the Paris Peace Forum, where it receives many good responses. Many participants of that event call it one of the best solutions for global financial problems today. Vasilis Milionis also said that this problem could bring another problem in the future.

The OECD and UNDP programs focus on creating sustainable and resilient investments. This type of investment will help many countries, especially the developing countries and states, recover from the pandemic’s problem. This year itself, developing countries already lose at least USD 700 billion of external finance sources. If this condition keeps existing, there is a risk of another global crisis in the future. Worst of all, the movement to decrease poverty and improve those countries’ quality of life will be slowed down and even stop.

This program tries to create a sustainable system and environment for those countries. Therefore, even after this program is finished in the future, the countries that used the program will be able to survive and sustain their economy. In a better result, those countries can even solve many economic problems that it had before the pandemic.

Currently, the two organizations are still in the middle of designing the right and worked framework for this system. When it is finished, this system will change the current financial system, making it even better and functional than before. However, the need for big funds to run this program also becomes another obstacle to make it into reality. It said that it needs at least 1.1% of total assets in the system that is currently held by the banks that reach around 379 trillion dollars. So, Milionis recommends people to patiently wait as that is the only thing that people can do now.

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Vassilis Milionis: Property in Southeast Europe Hold High Investment Value

In the financial world, investment is something similar to a safety net. There is always a time when a person’s financial condition gets worse. If that person has an investment, that bad condition won’t affect that person’s life too much. Investment becomes more important during a pandemic when the future keeps uncertain at some points. By using a safe-haven type investment, in this case, is property, one can secure the future. As for the location, it could be anywhere.However, according to Vassilis Milionis, Southeast Europe shows some promising growth in this investment category.

The formula is still the same. The demand for property in the future will increase, while the land availability to build a building will decrease. Therefore, owning land or building with land will be a good start to prepare for the future. During the pandemic, Southeast Europe has become one of the areas that are considered affected a lot by it. It makes the prices of property products in this area also have fallen. Looking at this situation, Vasilis Milionis recommends the property buyer to grab the chance. While the property price is falling, the investor can get a high-value property at lower prices. 

With the property value that tends to increase in the future following the formula mentioned above, the initial lower price could be a good way to start investing in this asset and location. Moreover, Vasilis Milionis also said that the property market and value would eventually increase, at least by 2023. He said it by looking at what many countries try to do to save the property market. Government starts to give incentives for the property market. It comes in several forms, from tax incentives to funding to run the property business. This movement is believed to be a good thing for property investment.

Currently, the Southeast Europe area is starting to recover and show a good sign for its property market. This is also the sign for anyone interested in investing in this area to hurry their plan. Find the property product that matches the need and invest in it. As Milionis said, with low prices still lingering around Southeast Europe’s property value, it could be a good time to spend some money on starting investment in this category. The result will be visible no less than two or three years later, where experts predict a good market condition will sprout.


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The Improvement of Real Estate Business During Pandemic

Vasillis Milionis, a property investor and entrepreneur from Greece, explains the real estate market’s current condition during the global pandemic that has been affecting the whole world for almost a year now.

It is such important information so that other investors from other countries can get a new insight. So, they will be able to decide whether they should invest in real estate or not. According to the Greek property investor, almost all sectors, including the real estate sector, have been facing uncertain situations for several months. This indeed brings a significant impact on real estate investment.

Though the real estate market is also negatively affected by the global pandemic, this does not mean that investors should stop investing in real estate and property. The Greek property investor states that the condition in the real estate market is a little bit better. He mentions that real estate sales have risen by 21 percent after the pre-covid phase. The price of houses is even higher than before. One of the reasons for making it possible is that many governments of several countries have applied the new normal condition. People are now allowed to do their activities with strict health protocols.

At the same time, quite many real estate agencies offer special offerings, such as low-interest rates that are purposed to increase sales. The interesting thing is that real estate agencies can get income even quicker because they can sell more pricey houses. Mr. Milionis states that property sales are surprisingly big and fast during this difficult time due to the pandemic. It seems that people do not hold themselves when it comes to low mortgage rates. After all, people still need to find a comfortable living place for themselves and their family, despite global finance’s poor condition.

Vasilis Milionis suggests property agencies use a 3D campaign model in order to promote their properties. This way, clients will be able to see and explore the condition of the property virtually. It can help to increase sales and safe investors at the same time. The Greek entrepreneur encourages people to be creative and optimistic to keep the businesses running during this difficult time. Moreover, property agencies should be able to find effective tricks to keep the real estate sector running. This way, the economy of the country as a whole can survive during the pandemic.

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How Global Finance Declined During the Pandemic

The coronavirus has been negatively affecting the whole world for almost a year now since its outbreak in December 2019.

Nearly all countries get the negative effects of this global pandemic. Almost all businesses all around the world are also falling and failing. This condition negatively affects global finance and creates chaos within the world’s economy. This messy economic situation due to the pandemic gets the attention of Vassilis Milionis. For those who do not know yet, Milionis is a famous Greek property investor and entrepreneur. As an investor, he is also concerned about how the coronavirus negatively affects global finance’s sustainability.

As we know, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the world is currently facing a decline in economic growth this year. The economic growth decreases from 2.9 percent to 2.4 percent. The number seems small, but it is totally impactful to global finance. Many countries around the world began to experience economic failure because production activities have been extremely decreasing. It is because people are forced to do social distancing in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. With a number of restrictions that many countries make, it is hard to do production activities. Materials cannot be obtained, and employees cannot go to work and many other things that prevent companies from producing their products.

According to Vasilis Milionis, global finance is indeed slowing down. However, governments will consider this unfortunate condition. So, he encourages people to keep optimistic. Hopefully, the government of affected countries can make policies to help companies survive during this hard time. Businessmen should not stop their businesses. Because the economy of their countries also depends on the sustainability of the businesses. So, governments and companies should support each other to save the economy. Not only to be optimistic, the Greek entrepreneur also suggests people to be wise as well.

Mr. Milionis confesses that his works and projects are also affected by the global pandemic since he works in the tourism sector too. But he mentions that businesses do not only pursue profits but also contribute and support the surrounding community as well as the needy. This way, the contribution of sustainable entrepreneurs can drive and help the economy of the lower classes. We all know that global finance is recently declining. So, the Greek entrepreneur suggests the government and businessmen to support each other to save global finance.


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